Vapefly Vape Accessories include a premium cotton option for all your vaping needs. Crafted with care, this cotton combines the best quality, convenience, and performance to enhance your vaping experience. Now you can check our vape deals by visiting our vape shop (Vape Gala).

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Get The Vapefly Accessories From Vape Gala:

Vapefly Vape Accessories UK consist of 100% Organic Japanese Cotton construction at the heart of Firebolt Cotton. Known for its exceptional purity and flavour neutrality, Japanese cotton is a favourite among vapers worldwide. With Firebolt Cotton, you can enjoy a clean and untainted flavour profile, allowing you to savour the nuances of your e-liquids fully.
VAPEFLY Vape Accessories

Highlighting The Features Of Vapefly Accessories:

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton is a 70mm cotton strip with ready-to-use aglets, making it easy to thread through 3mm inner diameter (ID) coils. It is designed to fit 3mm ID coils perfectly and has an exceptional absorption capability due to its high-quality Japanese cotton fibres. This means less waiting time between dripping or tank refills, allowing uninterrupted vaping.
VAPEFLY Vape Accessories
VAPEFLY Vape Accessories
VAPEFLY Vape Accessories

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Frequently Asked

What kind of cotton is used in vaporisers?

Almost all vape wicks are made of 100% organic cotton. Vapefly Cotton is used in vape wicks for various reasons, including absorbing moisture quickly (it is a ‘hygroscopic’ substance).

When should you replace the Vapefly cotton in your vape?

We strongly advise you to change your coil as frequently as you vape. For example, if you’re constantly vaping (all day, every day), you should change it at least once a week. If it is less frequent, you could change it in less than a month.

How can you extend the life of Vapefly vape cotton?

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer: Sweetened vape juice should be avoided Maintain a moist vape coil Consider a higher-nicotine e-liquid Use a lower-VG E-Liquid Upgrade to a Modern Tank and Vape Coils

Can the Vapefly cotton be replaced in a vape coil?

Clean the coil after removing the old one to ensure no e-juice was used. Allow it to dry before replacing it to avoid mixing flavours. Twist the cotton to fit and thin to make it easier to replace afterwards.

Why do Vapes require cotton?

Vapefly Cotton is used in some vaporisers to help wick the cannabis extract or e-juice. It essentially absorbs a portion of the liquid, retaining it in situ so that the device can correctly convert the extract or e-juice into an inhalable vapour.
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