CBD Disposable

Orange County is a famous vaping brand that has won many awards as it complies with the regulations laid out by the authorities.

Its regular disposable vapes are greatly appreciated as they maintain a high-quality standard. You will be glad to know that now they are offering CBD disposable vapes too. They run extensive tests on the products before launching them at large. Besides CBD disposable vapes, they also have other CBD items,
such as CBD oils, gummies, and skincare. It tries to provide you with the best version of all products. If you are tired of sleepless nights, stressful meetings, family matters, financial strain, and severe pain in your body and want a breather, CBD vape disposable devices are there for you.

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Frequently Asked

Do CBD vapes contain any nicotine?

No, Orange County CBD puff bars do not contain any nicotine. They only have CBD.

Will vaping CBD make me high?

No, vaping CBD e-liquids do not cause intoxication as they do not have THC, which is responsible for making you feel high.

What is in Orange County CBD disposable vape?

The CBD disposable vape comprises a pre-charged battery and a pre-filled e-liquid tank containing 2ml or 1ml of liquid. It also comes in many different flavours but does not has any nicotine.

How many puffs do disposable CBD vape pens offer?

You can find Orange County CBD Disposable vapes, which offer approximately 600 and 700 puffs.
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