CBD E Liquid

Vaping CBD E-Liquid is a very pleasurable experience. You get all the calming health benefits of CBD plus the smooth taste of a premium vape. When you vape CBD E-Liquid, you can experience the CBD benefits faster than other CBD products such as CBD edibles or oil tinctures. Check out our full range of flavoured CBD vaping products at Vape Gala, from fun and fruity CBD vape juices to classic hemp CBDterpene vaping liquids!

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CBD vape juices, also known as CBD e-liquids, are CBD-containing liquids used in vaping. These delicious liquids are absolutely essential to the vaping process, whether you use refillable or disposable devices. CBD e-liquid is vaporised by e-cigarettes, then inhaled into the lungs, and CBD is infused into the bloodstream.
When you vape cannabidiol, you’ll get those relaxing health benefits faster than consuming CBD items like CBD gummies or CBD cookies or using sublingual CBD oil. With CBD vape juice, you get the added benefit of health-boosting CBD (not to mention the relaxing “chill” you get from vaping cannabinoids).

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Frequently Asked

How much CBD should I consume?

CBD is non-toxic, but taking too much at one time can be very difficult. Studies show that starting with low quantities and increasing the dosage gradually is the best. Generally, two to three puffs of a CBD-carrying e-cigarette are enough to provide the calming effect of CBD you’re looking for.

Can CBD oil be mixed with e-liquids?

Be careful not to mix CBD oil tinctures with vaping products. CBD oil tinctures contain carrier oil (to help absorb CBD by putting it under your tongue). However, these carrier oils can be harmful if you try to evaporate them. So, for a safe (and satisfying) vaping experience, stick to CBD products designed for vaping.

Can CBD Vape Juice Help With Anxiety and Stress?

By law, CBD companies cannot recommend CBD for medical purposes. But we can tell you that CBD is calming; it relaxes your nerves and reduces the stress that can lead to anxiety.

How much CBD should you be vaping?

For users new to CBD, low doses are recommended, preferably 10mg per day. You should always start with a small amount and increase the dose as your body adjusts to CBD and the side effects decrease to zero.
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