Vape Gala brings new disposable vape kits from one of the biggest vaping brands, Element. The compact design, affordability, and maintenance-free features of Element disposable vapes make them a shining star in the vaping industry.

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Disposable vapes from Element are a fantastic innovation, to say the least. Magnets along the sides of each disposable vape kit can be clicked together. When the drip tips of two vaping devices are placed flush against one another, they can combine flavours. Each device offers about 600 puffs. The only 4ml, 1200 puff disposable vapes
available that are legal and compliant when used with another Klik Klak. Up to 55 different flavour combinations can be made using Best Element disposable vape kits by magnetically connecting them. To satisfy your nicotine cravings, we recommend you use these kits with a 70%VG ratio. Available in various flavours and colours, purchase Element disposable devices from our online store at affordable prices today!

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Frequently Asked

What is an Element disposable vape kit?

A practical vaping tool that is pre-filled and pre-charged that combines two devices is the Element disposable vape device. It is simple for new vapers because it doesn’t require any maintenance.

How many puffs are available in Element disposable devices?

The capacity of a disposable Element device is up to 600 puffs and provides a total of 1200 puffs when two kits are combined through side magnets.

Element disposable cartridges provide how much nicotine?

The Tobacco Products Directive’s criteria are followed by limiting the nicotine content of the Moreish puff disposable vape device to 2%. (TPD). 20mg of nic salts are contained in the 2ml e-liquid tank.

Can I refill the Element disposable kit?

You can’t refill the device as it is already prefilled and precharged. So you need to discard the vape when it runs out of battery and e-liquid.

From where do you buy Element disposable vape devices?

Regarding high-quality vape devices, Vape Gala is one of the reliable names. You can avail of your favourite vape kits and multi-flavoured e-liquids at reasonable prices from them.
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