IVG Bar has in stock a lot of fantastic devices that will accompany you in your vaping journey. These are convenient-to-use devices that offer you many advanced features. This brand is well-established in the UK, and IVG Disposable Vapes have a huge fan base there and in other countries also.

IVG Bar Disposable Vape

You can be sure that the IVG vape bar will not fail you, and due to their slick and stylish design, they add to your fashion sense. You can easily carry these devices anywhere as they are small, compact, and portable. IVG vape disposables can be purchased from any online vape store, such as Vape Gala which is one of the biggest online vape retailers in the UK.

Most Selling IVG Bar Flavours Products:

When smokers switch to vaping, most of them go for tobacco flavours to have a feeling close to smoking. But there is a whole wide world of amazing flavours that you will miss if you stick to one flavour, even after switching to vaping. IVG disposable vapes give you the opportunity to explore other flavours and enjoy a little more than before.

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Frequently Asked

What is an IVG bar?

An IVG Bar disposable vape is a convenient vaping device that is pre-filled and pre-charged. Any new vaper can easily use it as you do not have to worry about any maintenance issues. A small disposable kit offers around 600 puffs per pod.

How many puffs are available in an IVG bar?

An IVG vape bar has a capacity of approximately 600 puffs. You can inhale them directly from the device without fumbling with any buttons or waiting for the device to start. It is an inhale-activated device that offers a fantastic vaping experience.

How much nicotine is in an IVG bar?

The nicotine content in an IVG vape disposable device does not exceed 2%, keeping in mind the restrictions of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Each 2ml pod in IVG Bar carries 20mg nic salt.

Where can you buy IVG Bars?

You can buy high-quality disposable vapes from online vape shops in the UK, such as Vape Gala. many online retailers offer premium products, but you can also purchase them from physical stores.
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