Magic Bar

The Magic Bar Disposable Vape is becoming one of the best quality isolable vaporisers available. It has earned a reputation in the modern vape industry for being so easy to use that even beginners can enjoy it. This is a mouth-to-lung vaping device. It has an amazing array of flavours and is incredibly satiny.

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The Magic Bar Vape is available in many different flavours and colours. Since there are 35 flavours, you can expect to find 35 shades of disposable e-cigarettes. Its disposables are easy to use and extremely popular among new as well as experienced vapers. Those who are fond of convenient yet high-quality devices can go for Magic Bar vapes.
You can expect a lot of endearing features from Magic Bar Disposable Vape kits, and that, too, at quite a reasonable price. The disposable vapes are inhale-activated, making them more desirable as they require no maintenance and refilling or recharging. Anyone who loves to try different flavours time after time can choose these economical, trendy devices.
magic bar falvours Product image
magic bar falvours Product image

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Frequently Asked

How long will the Magic Bar 1500 pod last?

The Magic Bar 1500 disposable pod is an upgraded version of 800puffs, with a sweet and pure taste and higher cost performance; 850mAh battery, supporting a maximum of 1500 puffs, giving you a long-lasting vaping experience!

Can you fill the Magic Bar?

We do not recommend refilling the disposable vaporiser as it is not designed to be reused and should not be opened.

What is the strength of the vape kit?

Magic Bar Disposable contains a nicotine content of 2%/20mg. The e-juice capacity is 2ml with 30 good flavours.

Do Magic Bar vaporisers work?

The Magic Bar device is a mouth-to-lung vaping device. It has an amazing variety of flavours and is incredibly smooth. It is maintenance-free and has a small and compact design for easy portability.

Why does my Magic Bar have a burnt taste?

If the vaporiser’s wick is dry or malfunctioning, your Bar may have a burnt taste. No matter which vaping device you choose, it consists of a heating element, an absorption element, and an e-liquid tank.
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