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We are glad to offer you the intriguing and fruity Ice Blast 100ml shortfill range. Besides shortfills, our different vape deals will surely hook your attention and allow you to explore more. Crafted in the UK, the Ice Blast shortfill e-liquids range is the coolest flavour range you will ever come across. The slushy and crispy shortfills provide you with an incredible experience.

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TPD-Compliant & Approved Ice Blast Shortfill E-Liquids:

Ice Blast 100ml shortfill e-liquids UK come in robust packaging. They contain a high VG ratio and are ideal for every vaping device. However, we recommend using sub-ohm vape kits with these e-juices. Since VG has a thicker consistency, it works best with high-wattage vape devices. The Ice Blast shortfill e-liquid bottle is TPD-compliant and securely packed. It also contains extra space so a user can add a nic shot or two and make it more intriguing.
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Refreshing And Invigorating Ice Blast 100ml Shortfill Flavour Range:

Ice Blast 100ml shortfill e-liquids come in refreshingly cool and unique flavours. The crispy and fruity flavours will surely leave your taste buds wanting for more. Each flavour offers distinctive notes and gives your palates a wonderful experience. You will get every flavour of your choice, from Iced Blueberry, lemonade and mango to Iced Tangerine, Watermelon and Mango. So, order your favourite flavour from Vape Gala and give yourself a vaping treat.
Ice Blast E liquids Flavours
Ice-Blast E-Liquids Product image
Ice Blast E liquids Flavours

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Frequently Asked

Can Ice Blast 100ml shortfills satisfy my craving for a refreshing and icy vaping experience?

Absolutely yes! Ice Blast 100ml shortfills are crafted to deliver a cooling and invigorating sensation with their unique range of menthol-infused flavours.

Are Ice Blast 100ml shortfills suitable for vapers looking to customise their nicotine strength?

Definitely! Ice Blast 100ml shortfills are nicotine-free by default, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience according to your preferences. By adding nicotine shots, you have the freedom to adjust the nicotine strength to your desired level.

What makes Ice Blast 100ml shortfills perfect for cloud chasers and sub-ohm enthusiasts?

Ice Blast 100ml shortfills boast a high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio, specifically formulated to produce thick, dense vapour clouds. Whether you’re a sub-ohm vaper or love chasing clouds, these e-liquids offer an excellent viscosity that will elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

Can I trust the quality and safety of Ice Blast 100ml shortfills?

Yes, All Ice Blast 100ml shortfills are crafted by reputable manufacturers who adhere to strict quality control measures. Rest assured; these e-liquids undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards, delivering a high-quality, enjoyable, and safe vaping experience.

How do I unlock a world of icy flavour adventures with Ice Blast 100ml shortfills?

Ice Blast 100ml shortfills offer a wide range of tantalising flavours that combine fruity goodness with a refreshing icy twist. You can choose any flavour according to your preferences. Each flavour is unique and offers an exciting taste.
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