Vape Gala takes pride in Introducing the classy and finest KSTRD 100ml Shortfills range. The shortfills are available in four delectable flavours. Each flavour carries 70%VG and works best with the sub-ohm vape Kits. Aside from shortfills, we also offer various vape deals.

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The Custard-Themed KSTRD Shortfills:

KSTRD 100ml shortfills UK offer you great customisation. They contain 0mg of nicotine and come in a 120ml bottle. The extra 20ml space is left spare intentionally so that a user can add nic shots. These shortfills are perfect for anyone who loves customising their nicotine strengths. They come in excellent sturdy packaging and are TPD-compliant. You will experience phenomenal vaping bliss with these shortfills.
Kstrd e liquids brand product

Mesmerising Clouds With Delightining Taste Flavours:

The best thing about the KSTRD 100ml Shortfills is their enticing flavour combinations. The custard-themed and dessert flavours will give your throat a very smooth and pleasant hit. In addition, the high VG shortfills will help you produce enchanting clouds. You can order your preferred flavoured shortfill from us. We give you every flavour of your choice, from KSTRD Banana to Apple Pie and KSTRD Purple to vanilla. You’ll get everything at fair prices.
Kstrd e liquids Flavours
Kstrd e liquids brand product
Kstrd e liquids Flavours

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Frequently Asked

What are KSTRD 100ml shortfills?

KSTRD 100ml shortfills are a range of e-liquids specifically designed for vaping enthusiasts. These shortfills come in 100ml bottles and contain a concentrated blend of high-quality ingredients to deliver a rich and flavourful vaping experience.

How do I use KSTRD 100ml shortfills?

Using KSTRD 100ml shortfills is easy. First, you need to add a nicotine shot to the bottle, which will increase the overall volume and nicotine strength of the e-liquid. After adding the nicotine shot, simply shake the bottle well to ensure proper mixing, and then it’s ready to be vaped.

What flavours are available in KSTRD 100ml shortfills?

KSTRD 100ml shortfills offer a variety of delectable flavours to suit different preferences. Some popular flavours include vanilla, banana, apple pie and purple. The range often includes classic flavours as well as unique combinations to cater to diverse vaping tastes.

Are KSTRD 100ml shortfills suitable for all vaping devices?

KSTRD 100ml shortfills are designed to be compatible with sub-ohm vape devices. It is because these shortfill e-liquids carry high VG e-liquids. High-VG e-liquids work best with higher-power advanced vape kits.

Where can I purchase KSTRD 100ml shortfills?

KSTRD 100ml shortfills can be purchased from authorised vape retailers or online vape stores. It’s always recommended to purchase from reputable sources to ensure you receive authentic and high-quality products.
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