Nic Drip

Vape Gala offers Nic Drip nic shots in various nicotine strengths and VG ratios. In addition, discover our wide range of nicotine boosters specifically designed for shortfill e-liquids. We offer you these nic shots at affordable prices to give you a great throat hit.

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Nic Drip nicotine shots are vape juice put into 10ml bottles of flavourless e-liquid that are added to nicotine-free shortfills to increase their nicotine intensity. Nic shots allow you to curb your nicotine cravings as much as you want. We are collaborating with one of the reputable brands to provide our customers with the most comprehensive range of nic shots at reasonable costs.
To meet the needs of every vaper, we offer Best Nic Drip nic shots in various nicotine strengths, including 18mg. To give yourself an enjoyable vaping experience, avail of our nic salt shots from our online store. Additionally, we add an icy touch to make your base liquids more palatable and provide you with a cooling effect when you vape them. Due to our extensive selection of VG ratios, choosing a nic shot suitable for your shortfill is quite simple when you visit our online store.

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Frequently Asked

How do you dilute Nic Drip nicotine shots?

Remove the cap or nozzle from your e-liquid, pour the desired nicotine shot inside, and shake them a little bit. This is the ideal approach to combine the two substances.

How much Nic Drip nic shot should I use?

To measure how much nicotine should be added to your mix, follow this: to make a 30ml bottle of 3mg e-liquid, add 5ml of an 18mg Nic shot.

Do Nic Shots vary among each other?

Nic shots are available in different nicotine strengths. For instance, you can avail of Nic Drip nic shot bottles in 15mg and 18mg nicotine strength.

What are Nic Drip's nic shots?

Add one or more Nicotine Shots, concentrated 10ml bottles of unflavored nicotine, to a bigger bottle of nicotine-free vape juices to make the perfect vape juice.

Are Nic Drip's nic shots pocket-friendly?

Yes, nic shots meet your nicotine cravings as they are affordable and can improve your vaping session.
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