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Vape Gala offers you a wide array of nicotine shots from a distinctive Nic Nic Nicotine brand, intended to be added to shortfill. You can avail of these Nic Shots from our online store at affordable rates in various strengths and VG ratios.

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The nicotine shots from Nic Nic are available in 10ml bottles that are TDP-compliant and can be added to zero-nicotine e-liquids to increase their nicotine strength. These nicotine boosters are not to be vaped independently and are added to shortfill e-liquids. To meet the needs of every vaper, you can avail of Best Nic Nic nicotine shots in different nicotine strengths, including 10mg, 15mg, 18mg, and 20mg. These booster shots are available in 50 to 100 VG ratios, ideal for creating large clouds.
By collaborating with reputable brands, we provide you with nic shots offering a smoother throat hit without breaking the bank. Apart from various nicotine strengths, we provide Ice Nicotine Shots that make your e-liquids pleasurable for your taste buds. In addition, the availability of Nic Nic nicotine boosters in a wide variety of VG ratios allows you to choose the perfect one that suits your shortfill e-liquids. So, why are you holding back? Take advantage of multiple nicotine strengths nic shots from our online store!

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Frequently Asked

How do you make Nic hit stronger?

For more substantial throat hits, use higher nicotine-strength e-liquids. Also, try to use e-juice with a higher PG ratio.

How to properly mix a Nic Nic Nicotine shot?

By taking off the cap or nozzle and pouring the desired quantity of nic shot into your shortfill e-juice, you can add a nic shot to it in the finest way possible.

Can I Use a Nic Nic Nicotine booster independently?

No, you can’t use a nicotine boost on its own. They are intended to be added in a shortfill e-liquid. They are not supposed to be vaped by themselves as they are strong.

What are nic shots made of?

Unflavored nicotine liquids known as “nic shots” are added to shortfills. They are created by combining PG, VG, or a base of both to which nicotine has been diluted.

From where to purchase Nic Nic nicotine shots?

To avail of high-quality and pocket-friendly nic shots, Vape Gala is a reliable name. You can get multi-flavoured e-liquids, vape devices, and nic shots as per your preferences.
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