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Discover our wide collection of Nic Shots specifically designed for shortfill e-liquids. Vape Gala sourced nicotine shots from reputable brands, like Nic Nic, and presented them to you at affordable prices. We provide you with these nic shots in a variety of nicotine strengths and VG ratios.

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Nicotine shots or Nic Shots are TDP-compliant ways to make zero-nicotine shortfill e-liquids carry nicotine. With the help of Nic Shots, you can boost your 0% nicotine e-liquid shortfills to the desired strength that suits you. Best Nic Shots are primarily available in 10ml bottles, an essential purchase for most shortfill users. We stock the UK’s most comprehensive range of Nic Shots from all the top brands at reasonable rates. To accommodate the needs of every vaper,
we provide nic shorts in various nicotine levels, majorly 15mg and 18mg. In addition, shortfill essentials for ex-smokers, nic salt shots, are available at our online store for a smoother throat hit. Additionally, we provide Nic Shots, which can enhance specific flavour notes or Ice Nicotine Shots that make your e-liquids incredibly palatable. It’s pretty simple to pick a shot that works for your shortfill because of our wide variety of VG ratios. Available in a range of nicotine strengths, purchase your favourite Nic Shot today!

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Frequently Asked

What are Nic Shots?

To create the ideal vape liquid, add one or more Nicotine Shots, concentrated 10ml bottles of unflavored nicotine, to a larger bottle of nicotine.

Can I use a Nic Shot on its own?

Nic Shots are small, flavourless nicotine e-liquid bottles with a 10ml liquid quantity. They aren’t meant to be vaped by themselves as they are too strong.

Are all the Nic Shots the same?

No, Nic Shots are available in different strengths. For example, you can get a Nic Shot at 15mg or 18mg nicotine levels.

How strong is a Nic Shot?

A nicotine booster is a 10ml bottle of nicotine that is mixed with VG, having a strong nicotine strength. Nic Shots come in different strengths, like 15mg and 18mg, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Are Nic Shots harsh?

Unlike impact flavour, Nic Shots can sometimes feel harsh on your throat if you regularly use them at higher strengths.
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