Vape tanks are one of the most crucial components of a vape kit. These tanks hold e-liquid and have a coil inside that heats the e-juice and turns it into vapour. Vape Gala has a wide selection of MTL tanks for stealthy vapour production. You can also take advantage of our sub-ohm tanks for Direct To Lungs (DTL) vaping.

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We offer vape tanks that suit your demands. If you are seeking a tank with particular characteristics including top filling tanks, airflow switch, or compatibility with temperature control. You don’t need to look further! Vape Gala is your one-stop-shop solution to provide you with vape tanks that are perfect for your vape kits.

Types Of Vape Tanks:

Our growing stock includes a variety of vape tanks including RDAs, sub-ohm, and many more. Let’s discuss them in detail to get you a better idea of what vape tank is best suited for your needs!

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Frequently Asked

How frequently should you change your vape tank?

Unless the vape tank is underperforming, vape tanks rarely need to be updated. You can’t use it for a longer time if the tank is broken. In the case of disposable tanks, you don’t need to deal with tank maintenance. Simply use the vape and dispose of it.

How does a vape tank work?

A vape tank comprises a heating element which is called a coil. The device sends power to the coil, which is then converted into heat. The coil will heat up enough to vaporise the e-liquid which you then inhale.

What should I do if the vape tank is leaking?

If the tank is not used for more than 3 days of being filled with e-juice, it can lead to leakage. If you find your vape tank leaking, check out if the coil and top cap are properly installed. And also check out whether the o-rings of the tank and coil are in good condition.

What should I do if the tank is too hot?

If you find out the tank is too hot, lower its output power. Avoid chain vaping. Avoid blocking the drip tip of the vape tank with your lips or tongue.
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