FreeMax Vape Accessories are made by one of the leading brands in the vaping world! Known for its innovative designs and exceptional quality, Freemax offers a range of products to enhance your vaping experience. From coils to mod kits, Vape Deals at our online Vape Shop (Vape Gala) have everything you need to enjoy a satisfying and customisable vaping session.

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Get The FreeMax Vape Accessories:

FreeMax Vape Accessories UK are one of the standout products of Freemax in its commitment to durability and functionality. Take, for example, the Freemax Mesh Pro tank. Made out of durable reinforced Pyrex glass, this tank can withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring longevity and reliability. With a capacity of 4ml, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without requiring frequent refills.
FREEMAX-Vape Accessories

Elaborating Stunning Features Of FreeMax Accessories:

The Freemax accessory Mesh Pro tank features a replacement bubble glass to increase the tank’s capacity for longer vape sessions. The Freemax Mesh Pro tank features a replacement bubble glass to increase the tank’s capacity and customise the look. They also offer a wide range of coils to match your vaping preferences. Freemax offers mod kits with high-performance mods and compatible tanks to upgrade your entire vaping setup.
FREEMAX Vape Accessories
FREEMAX-Vape Accessories
FREEMAX Vape Accessories

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Frequently Asked

How do you replace a FreeMax tank's glass?

Remove the FreeMax glass tube from the tank’s base with care. Take caution not to harm the coil or any of the other components. Replace the old glass with the new one, ensuring it’s securely screwed into place. Screw the base and coil unit back onto the glass tube to reassemble the tank.

How should glass coils be cleaned?

Pour enough alcohol over the glass with the piece inside the container so that it pours into the crevices and sits in the coils. After gently shaking the container and letting it sit for about 30 minutes, give it another gentle shake and rinse everything with cold water.

Is it safe to use glass vapes?

FreeMax Glass is the most inert material used in vapes and is safe. Whenever you use any product produced by this brand, you can rest assured that it is of premium quality and has met the manufacturing standards set by the relevant authorities.

What is the lifespan of FreeMax mesh pro coils?gf

Freemax mesh pro coils provide the best vaping performance possible, according to FreeMax coil tech. It is made of a honeycomb mesh with 90% flax fibre (Wood Pulp) cotton and 10% organic cotton composition, resulting in coils that last about 2-3 weeks.

What tanks are FreeMax coils compatible with?

Freemax 904L Mesh Coils (Fireluke 3, Fireluke 4, Fireluke 5) Freemax 904L Mesh Coils (Fireluke 3, Fireluke 2, Fireluke M, Maxus Pro, M Pro 2 and M Pro Tank Compatible)
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