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Vape Gala collaborates with a reputable vape juice brand, Pukka Juice, which has centred its range around authentic-tasting fruit blends. So you can avail of these nic salt E-liquids from our store at affordable prices to improve your vaping session.

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Nic salt e-liquids from Pukka Juice feature a concentration of 50%PG and 50%VG, a perfect blend for low-powered devices such as starter and pot kits. In addition, every nic salt from Pukka Juice e-liquids provides a subtle hint of menthol to create the ultimate palate refresh. Best Pukka Juice e-liquids are available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength to deliver a smooth throat hit.
We provide these e-juices in 10ml bottles to satisfy your cravings. Avail of these e-juices from our store to make your vaping memorable and enjoyable. Pukka Juice nic salt e-liquids guarantee that the quality of these e-juices meets the extremely high criteria of taste awesomeness. Be quick! Get hold of these nic salt vape liquids to experience a variety of flavours without spending a fortune.

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Frequently Asked

Is Pukka Juice's nic salt e-liquid too intense for beginners?

Compared to freebase nicotine, nicotine salt is thought to be more potent yet smoother. This is because the nicotine level in your blood is substantially higher and lasts longer when you vape. However, it fulfils cravings better, making it ideal for former smokers.

Which is the best method to store Pukka Juice nic salt e-liquids?

Improve the shelf life of nic salts by keeping them in cool and dry spaces. For optimal storage, also keep these nic salts away from sunlight.

From where can you purchase pocket-friendly Pukka Juice nic salt e-liquids?

Vape Gala is a renowned brand that offers you nic salts of various nicotine strengths and numerous flavoured e-liquids at reasonable rates.

For which vaping style Pukka Juice nic salt e-liquids are best suited?

For beginner-level vapers, nicotine salt e-liquids are the preferable choice. In addition, these e-liquids are compatible with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, which makes them ideal for the mouth-to-lung vaping style.

What’s the best wattage for Pukka Juice nic salt e-liquids?

Nicotine salts perform best within the range of 15 watts to 40 watts. Lower than that range will produce weak hits and deliver an unsatisfying amount of nicotine.
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