LYC E-liquids

LYC E-liquids at VapeGala come in 50ml, 100ml, and 120ml bottles that are only 80% full and have 0mg nicotine strength. In addition, we work with reputable brands to provide our consumers with a unique vaping experience. One of them is LYC (Love Your Coil), one of the top brands that offer you a variety of flavours at low costs.

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LYC E-Liquids: 50PG/50VG Shortfiill

LYC e-liquids bring you a range of affordable 50PG:50VG shortfill e liquids . The e-liquids from this brand provide you with smooth and authentic fruity, dessert, and tobacco flavours crafted at premium quality. You can avail yourself of these space-filled bottles of nicotine-free juices from our online store. And the extra space is designed to add a nicotine booster per your preferences. Best LYC e-juices are compatible with all devices!
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Nicotine Free LYC E Liquids Range

Purchase these nicotine-free e-liquids from us with a quantity of 50ml e-liquid in a 60ml bottle. Don’t worry about your vaping budget! E-liquids from LYC are reasonable in price and will make your vaping memorable. These e-liquids are incredibly adaptable and give your taste buds a tonne of incredible pleasure thanks to their variety of flavours. In addition, LYC e-juice bottles come with a tamper-evident seal and are also recyclable. So, take your vaping game to the next level with LYC!
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Lyc E Liquids Brand Product image vape gala
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Frequently Asked

Do LYC shortfills require steeping?

Although it’s unnecessary, some people prefer to let their shortfill steep after adding the nic shot. This is because the nicotine injection may slightly mute the flavour of the shortfill. However, the e-liquid is believed to regain some of its flavour after steeping.

How much nicotine can you add to LYC 50ml shortfill e-liquids?

50ml shortfills are often intended to be used with nic shots of 10ml and 18mg/ml nicotine salt. These volumes are combined to produce 60ml of liquid containing 3mg of nicotine.

How long will LYC e-liquids last?

It depends on the device on which you will use your e-juices. Apart from vape devices, it also depends on the frequency of usage.

Are LYC shortfill e-juices safe to vape?

Yes, shortfill e-juices are relatively safe to vape, as all e-cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. Shortfill e-juices are nicotine-free and have extra space for a nicotine booster if required.

How pocket-friendly are LYC e-liquids?

Shortfills are highly affordable that come with a broader selection of flavours to give extreme pleasure to your taste buds!
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