Popular options, such as Fireluke, are available at VapeGala, as we stock a massive range of Freemax coils. We have you covered whether you have a Mesh Pro tank or the Firefluke tank. So come check out our Freemax vape coils and see what all the hype is about by placing an order today!

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Freemax vape coils series take your vaping to a new level with the latest meshed coil technology and high-quality tea fibre cotton for an experience you won’t forget. With a growing selection of cross-compatibles available, we provide you with mesh and temperature-control coils that can be used with various kits. Best Freemax coils are manufactured from durable military-grade SS904L material. With the help of these coils,
you can experience the best flavours and better production of vapours. Apart from durability and stability, our Freemax coils are suitable for different wattage ranges, including 65W to 100W. Freemax vape coils are also available in different resistance ranges from 0.15-ohm to 0.20-ohm. The choice is yours! You can choose the coil that best suits your vape tanks. Available in a range of resistance and wattage ranges, purchase these coils from us at affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked

How often should Freemax coils be replaced?

The coil can last a week or two if you are a regular vaper and it can last for four weeks if you are an occasional vaper. Generally, consider the coil replacement option after every month.

What Freemax coils give the best clouds?

Use coil rated below 0.5-ohms. Low-resistance coils can handle more wattage and generally produce bigger clouds.

How do I avoid Freemax coil from burning?

Take a new coil and apply 3-4 drops of your e-liquids directly to the wick. Set aside and wait for 10 minutes. Lastly, screw the coil onto your device. Follow the proper priming procedure, and you will never get the burnt coil taste.

What are Freemax vape coils made of?

Freemax vape coils are manufactured from highly durable military-grade SS904L material, stainless steel and mesh, and tea fibre cotton to give you flawless vapours.

Can you wash a burnt Freemax coil?

Wash the coil in hot water and then submerge it in cold water. With this, the debris will be off the coil, and your coil will be cleaned again. But, severely burnt coils cannot be reused even after washing.
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