Good coils are the key to having a great vaping session, and Innokin Coils understands this perfectly well; that is why Innokin Coils are the best choice for any vaper. For all Innokin users, replacement coils are offered on our website. Various resistances are available for Innokin vape coils, and you can choose sub-ohm as well as plus-ohm Innokin coils.

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You can go for Innokin vape coils easily in any case, whether you are thinking of Mouth-To-Lung vaping or Direct-To-Lung vaping. These coils are made of premium-quality materials, and the atomisers are made of top-quality coils and Japanese organic cotton. Since Innokin coils UK are manufactured with a no-spill coil swap system, you can conveniently replace them without any hassle.
You can purchase Innokin Endura T20 Coils, Innokin S Replacement Coils, Innokin T18 Coils, Innokin T18E Coils, Innokin T18E T22E Replacement Coils, and Innokin Zenith Coils from Vape Gala, a reliable and top-notch online vape shop in the UK. In plus-ohm coils, you can pick from 1.2-ohm, 1.5-ohm, 1.6-ohm, 1.7-ohm, and 2-ohm resistances; and in sub-ohm coils, resistances of 0.25-ohm, 0.48-ohm, 0.5-ohm, 0.6-ohm, and 0.8-ohm are available.

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Frequently Asked

Should I wash my Innokin coils?

Yes, you can wash your Innokin vape coils. It will prolong their shelf life and also improve your vaping experience.

How long do Innokin coils last?

Innokin coils are not designed to long-last. Their longevity depends upon the regularity of your vaping. If you consume it once a day, you should change it once a month. If you use it 20 times a day, you must change the coil after one or two weeks.

Can you fix an Innokin coil that is burned out?

If the coil is slightly burnt because of residues, it can be cleaned, and you can revive an almost original flavour. But, if the coil is severely damaged, it is best to replace it. When the wick is damaged, you can clean it but not restore its original flavour.

Do Innokin coils last longer with more airflow?

Airflow doesn’t affect the coil much. The major thing that tends to shorten the life of the coil is poor wicking and not using compatible e-liquids.

Are all Innokins coils the same?

No, all Innokin coils are not the same. Every coil is explicitly designed for a particular vaporiser. Therefore, you should also not use a coil that isn’t meant for the device.
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