Vape Gala introduces a high-quality and wide range of resistance coils by collaborating with one of the leading brands, Horizontech. So check out our online vape shop and pick up the best-suited coil per your vaping style; place an order today!

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Coils from the Horizontech series specialised for sub-ohm vaping and featured many build types and resistances. These replacement coils are designed with meshed coil technology to give you a vaping experience you will always remember. Best Horizontech vape coils are available in different resistance ranges from 0.14-ohm to 0.38-ohm to provide you with larger and flavoursome clouds.
Horizontech Coils Product image Vapegala
Pure organic cotton and mesh material are used to manufacture these coils. In addition, our Horizontech vape coils are available in different wattage range from 40W to 90W. The wide variety of coils will ease experimenting and help you discover the best-suited one. These coils are highly compatible with Horizontech vape kits and tanks. Available in different resistance and wattage ranges, purchase one to make your vaping session enjoyable.
Horizontech Coils Product image Vapegala

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Frequently Asked

Can I wash my Horizontech coils?

Yes, you can wash your coils. It will help increase the shelf life of your coils as well as provide you with more flavoursome and bigger clouds.

How long do Horizontech coils last?

Coils are manufactured to use for a short time. Their longevity depends on the user’s vaping habits, whether they vape once a day or twenty times. The vaping frequency, along with some other factors, will determine the health of your coils.

Do Horizontech coils last longer with more airflow?

Airflow doesn’t affect much the quality of the coil. However, poor wicking and a non-compatible e-liquid will shorten the shelf life of the coil.

Can you fix a burnt Horizontech coil?

If the coil is burnt due to residue, you can clean it and give it the original flavour. But if the coil is severely damaged, it needs to be replaced. Cleaning doesn’t fix it!

Which online shop provides high-quality Horizontech coils?

Vape Gala is one of the eminent online vape stores in the UK, providing its customers with high-quality and affordable coils to improve their vaping session.
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