How Long Should an Instafill 3500 Disposable Vape Last?

Intafill 3500 Disposable Vape

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Vapes are gaining huge popularity in today’s world, and disposable e-cigs are the most trendy ones. Many people are moving to purchase different types of disposable vapes. Zap Instafill 3500 disposable vape is getting the most likes. It is a rechargeable and refillable device that follows TPD regulations and meets the needs of eco-conscious vapers. However, vapers are concerned about this device’s lifespan and mostly ask, “How long would it last?”

That’s why this blog will help you address this important question: How long should a Zap Instafill last? Are you ready for this informational roller coaster ride? So, let’s get started without further ado! 

A Brief Overview of the Zap Instafill:

Let’s talk about the spectacular aspects of the Zap Instafill refill first! It is a new disposable vape kit that boasts endless distinct flavour options. It is both refillable and rechargeable.

Zap Instafill 3500 has a 2ml pod that can be refilled with an additional 10ml tank. It offers up to 3500 puffs, and its 2% flavourful nicotine salt in a 2ml pod will give you a smoother throat hit. You may use it for days without worrying about running out of e-liquid.

Key Features and Specifications:

Here are the key features and specifications of the Zap Instafill 3500 in a tabular form to give you a quick highlight of why this device is making waves among vapers!

ZAP Instafill

Battery Capacity 

500mAh built-in battery

Vaping Style

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping style

Nicotine Strength 

20mg/ml nicotine strength


Compact size: 9cm tall, 4.3cm wide


3500 puffs per device

Charging Pod

USB-C fast charging


10ml pre-filled e-liquid bottle

Battery Type

Removable battery, Rechargeable 

How Long Do Instafill 3500 Disposable Vapes Last?

Now, let’s dig into the details about the lifespan of Zap Instafill! How long does it last? What factors contribute to enhancing its longevity?

  • Puff Frequency:

The rate you inhale from your disposable vape is called puff frequency. When used regularly, disposable vapes have a three – to five-day lifespan. However, this number can be lowered if inhaled more frequently during the day. 

Therefore, how often you puff will significantly impact how long your disposable e-cig lasts. For example, Zap Instafill 3500 has a puff count of 3500, so its lifespan depends on how frequently you vape. It typically lasts up to 2 weeks if you’re a moderate vaper. 

  • Battery Life:

The main component of any vaping device is the battery. It provides the coil with an enormous current, which evaporates the e-liquid inside the device. 

The Zap Instafill vape has a battery capacity of 500mAh. It’s a rechargeable device with specific cycles. So, until all the cycles are consumed, the Zap Instafill vape will not end if it runs out of e-juice. You can use it completely until you want. 

  • Tank Capacity:

The vape tank capacity is one of the most critical factors determining its lifespan. Zap Instafill liquid has a tank capacity of 2 ml, which can be refilled five times with a dedicated 10ml container, equivalent to 6 regular 600-puff disposable vapes. It will last longer than other vape devices because it has a double inbuilt capacity for storing e-liquid. 

  • Length of Draw:

It’s usually best to inhale quick, sporadic draws from a Zap Instafill refill. This allows the coil to rest while the wick gets saturated with e-juice. 

Alternatively, if you take lengthy draws, then:

  • The e-liquid ends more quickly.
  • The Zap Instafill wick dries out and becomes easily burned, leaving a burnt flavour.
  • Your vape coil needs to be fixed, which could lead to an unexpected failure.
  • You may have a less pleasurable vaping experience, and your disposable vape device will last shorter as a result of all these things.

What Are the Flavours Offered by Zap Instafill 3500?

The Zap Instafill 3500 provides an amazing assortment of eighteen mouthwatering flavours. Here are a few of the noteworthy options:

  1. Banana Ice 
  2. Fizzy Cola 
  3. Fresh Mint 
  4. Gummy Bear 
  5. Blue Fusion 
  6. Blue Raspberry Cherry 
  7. Blue Sour Razz 
  8. Coffee Tobacco 
  9. Passion Guava Kiwi 
  10. Red Apple Watermelon 
  11. Strawberry Kiwi 
  12. Lemon & Lime 
  13. Mango Ice 
  14. Mixed Berries 
  15. Peach Ice 
  16. Pineapple Ice 
  17. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum 
  18. Watermelon Burst 

You can enjoy all these delectable flavours until your device reaches its end life. Choose your favourite Zap Instafill 3500 disposable vape flavour from Vape Gala and enjoy pleasant vaping sessions!

ZAP Instafill Flavours

How to Make a Disposable Vape Last Longer?

Here’s a surprise for you! We will also give you some hacks to make your disposable vape last longer. So read with us:

  • Take shorter puffs: Try to take smaller puffs. The longer you take while inhaling, the more e-liquid you will consume. It will shorten your device’s lifespan. 
  • Don’t chain vape: Pause for 1-2 seconds after every puff. If you keep puffing, the atomiser coil and battery will get quite hot when using a disposable vape. Excessive heat is never good for batteries because it accelerates their discharge. 

TIDBIT: It might be time to think about getting a vape pod system if you’re chain vaping to get a vape to produce greater clouds.

Ending Notes!

ZAP Instafill is distinctive from other disposables and provides a convenient vaping experience. The Zap Instafill vape is an appealing choice for vapers searching for a durable and fulfilling disposable because of its creative refillable construction, sizable 3500 puff capacity, and delicious flavour selection. With the Instafill 3500 and its 10ml e-liquid container, you can forget about worrying about your disposable running out of e-liquid on a night out or while you’re on the go.

So, why are you holding back? Get your hands on this incredible eco-friendly, TPD-compliant, rechargeable device and take your vaping journey to the next level!

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