How To Dispose Of Vapes – A Guide For Vapers

How To Dispose Of Vapes – A Guide For Vapers

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The vaping industry is growing fastest as people have become more aware of the hazards of smoking to humans and the environment. People are moving towards vaping to curb their nicotine cravings. Vapes are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. In traditional cigarettes, there is a continuous combustion of tobacco and the release of hundreds of toxins.
Among vaping kits, one such device that is gaining popularity among vapers is disposable vapes! The reason behind their immense popularity is their user-friendly design. Above all, they are also considered safer than cigarettes. Still, in disposables and other vaping devices, there is only the heating of e-liquid, which makes it safer than cigarettes in numerous ways.
As disposable kits and other vape devices are getting hyped among vapers, they must be disposed of properly to keep our environment safe. So, it is necessary to understand why and how to dispose of vapes after using them. 

Proper Disposal Of Vaping Kits For Environmental Safety

procedure to proper disposal of disposable vape

The question arises: Are disposables safe for the environment? As compared to cigarettes, they are, but at the same time, there are risks to everything associated with the alternatives that are used as a replacement for cigarettes. Hence, it is essential to dispose of them.
Most of the vapers do not understand why it is necessary to dispose of vaping devices, and the rest don’t know how to dispose of vapes. 

Types of Vaping Kits

This blog will make points on disposing of vapes correctly. But before delving into that part, it is necessary to be enlightened about the types of vapes so that one knows how to dispose of them correctly. 

1. Vape Pens: 

As their name suggests, they are pen-shaped. They feature a refillable tank that comes with replaceable coils. These are perfect for vapers looking for more discrete, compact devices with the flexibility to vape any e-juice with your preferred flavour. 

2. Pod Systems: 

The second one is pod vapes, which are MTL kits perfect for ex-smokers. These devices are available in multiple shapes and sizes, but most commonly, the pen shape. These kits are perfect for beginners due to their user-friendly design.  

3. Box Mods: 

The third one is the box mod that comes in a matchbox shape with an external battery and the option of adjustable airflow, wattage, and refillable tank. These vaping kits give you the option of customisation so you can enjoy vaping the way you want. 

4. Disposable E-cigarettes: 

The most eminent are disposable e-cigarettes; they give you many options, come in a number of sizes, and offer a wide variety of luscious flavours. The best thing about them is they are non-rechargeable (some of them come with rechargeable batteries), non-refillable and ready to use. You just dispose of them when you have used them completely.  

All of these types of vape kits need different ways of disposal. The question that arises in vapers’ minds is how to dispose of vapes UK.  Let’s discuss this in detail!  

Disposal Of Refillable Vapes

Vaping kits can be recycled, but this term applies to reusable and refillable kits. The best way is to use the vape to its fullest, and then, if the battery tarnishes or the vape kit is damaged, you have no other option but to dispose of it. 

A proper way to dispose of them is to dismantle them, separate their parts and cast them out individually. You can also recycle the parts that are in good condition. The following table will help you recognise how to dispose of disposable vapes or reuse them if they are in good condition.   

Disposal Of Disposable Kits

The next question is how to dispose of disposable vapes UK. Talking about disposable vaping devices, you should first enlighten yourself about what they contain so they can be disposed of and what they do. 

  • Plastic body
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Tank 
  • Cotton wick
  • Coil that is made of metal

Environmental Risks Of Improper Disposal Of Vapes

Although disposables are easy to vape and are prevalent among vapers for their single use, you should not throw them in the bin or anywhere else because they also have risk factors in relation to the environment, so one should better know where to dispose of vapes. The disposables or any vaping kit secrete the battery acid chemicals and nicotine from the plastic exterior and then spread it into the environment.  

Where To Dispose Of Vapes

how to dispose of disposable vapes uk

Also, throwing the vaping kit casually or disposing of it into a bin can make the possibility of a fire explosion due to the lithium-ion batteries. In disposing of vapes, you can hand them back to the retailer after using them, or you can cast them out in the vape disposable bin. After returning them to the retailers, they will go to a recycling facility where they are dismantled and disposed of. The following is a table for the comprehension of where to dispose of vapes. 

Final Verdict!

It is necessary that you know the importance of disposing of the vapes so they do not harm the environment in any way. The vaping kits are eminently used as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes to ensure that they do not harm humans in ways smoking does. It is also important to cast them out so they do not harm the environment and organisms. 

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