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Remarkable brand OXVA is committed to making premium vaporisers for discriminating smokers. OXVA Vape is renowned for delivering exceptionally smooth flavours and the perfect throat hit, making it the ideal choice for vaping enthusiasts. Vape Gala is pleased to carry the best OXVA pod kit, and we provide exclusive multi-buying vape deals for your total enjoyment. Find excellence in each puff!

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OXVA - Affordable Excellence In Vape Pod Kits:

OXVA Vape UK are high-quality and reasonably priced vape pod kits. With an ample e-liquid capacity and a beautiful design, these fashionable vaping devices accommodate a diverse variety of preferences and guarantee an elegant and pleasurable vaping experience for all aficionados.
oxva vape pod

Innovative Design - OXVA's Magnetic Pod Connections & Leak Resistance:

Innovative features that make OXVA pod vape stand out include magnetic pod connectors, adjustable airflow control that accommodates both DTL and MTL users, and a high degree of leak resistance, all of which contribute to a smooth and pleasurable, highly customised vaping experience.
oxva pod kit
oxva vape kit
oxva vape pod
oxva pod kit
oxva vape kit

Best Sellers - OXVA Pod Kits:

Explore our best-selling OXVA pod kits, renowned for their outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge functionality, and enjoyable vaping experience. Upgrade your vaping experience with the greatest vaping devices available.

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Frequently Asked

How do you increase watts on OXVA Vape?

When an Oxva device is turned on, push the button three times to increase the wattage. Your vaping experience may be easily customised with the blinking settings number and 0.5-watt power increments activated with each button push on your advanced vape.

How long does it take for OXVA Vape to charge?

An OXVA device usually takes around half an hour to completely charge. However, this might vary according to the type and charger you choose. This means that you can start vaping right away and enjoy your time without interruption.

How can I make my OXVA Vape Pod last longer?

Use 50-50 vape juice/ Nic Salts for coils rated at 1.0 ohm or higher and high-VG vape juice for sub-ohm coils to prolong the life of your vape pods. To extend the life of your vaping components, ensure the wattage settings on your device, if it has one, are within the safe range for the pod or coil you have chosen.

What is the best OXVA Vape Pod kit?

With auto-draw and button activation, a large 1000mAh battery, the best pods with top fill design and customisation for airflow control, the OXVA Xlim Pro 30W Pod Kit is now our best-selling pod kit. It provides an all-in-one solution for all of your vaping requirements.

What is the purpose of Watts in OXVA vape?

Watts in vaping refers to the device’s power output. Your vaping experience may be customised to your tastes by adjusting the power output of the device, which affects both the intensity and creation of vapour.

How do you clean a cartridge from the OXVA Vape kit?

A little cap filled with isopropyl alcohol should be placed over the coil head of an OXVA cartridge to clean it. Gently shake the cartridge. To get rid of any impurities, you can also use an old toothbrush. To prevent problems and preserve the performance and purity of your vaping experience, make sure the coil head has had enough time to dry completely in a dry, shady place before using it.
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