Travelling with Disposable Vapes: What You Need to Know

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

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When you’re about to travel to a new place, figuring out what can be brought on a plane with your luggage might not always be easy. Every country has a set of specific rules with what you can and cannot carry during a flight. For instance, if you are a vaping enthusiast in the UK and intend to travel via a flight with your disposable vapes, you may ask some questions. Below, we’ve outlined all the necessary information about disposable vapes and travelling with them. 

How Many Disposable Vapes Can I Bring on a Plane?

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

Like international norms, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recommends using devices and lithium batteries. There is no restriction on the number of disposable vapes one can carry, but it is advisable to pack only what one intends to use for personal use and not for reselling. Holding between 5 and 10 disposable vapes should be reasonable and conform to using a personal vaporiser.

Can I Take Disposable Vape in Hand Luggage?

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

Yes, disposable vapes are permitted in hand luggage. Under the CAA, all electronic smoking devices, including disposable vapes, must be carried in hand baggage and not in checked luggage. This rule is mainly attributed to the lithium batteries used in these devices, which may cause fire incidents if they go up in flames.

When packing your hand luggage, ensure the vapes are easily accessible, as they might need to be retrieved during the security checks. Also, remember the 100ml liquid rule when travelling with your refillable vapes and the e-liquids you intend to use.

Can You Put Disposable Vapes in Your Suitcase?

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

No, you cannot pack disposable vapes in your checked suitcase. All electronic smoking devices must be packed in your hand baggage per UK regulations. This precaution is taken due to the explosive nature of lithium batteries and their transportation in the aircraft’s hold. If you travel with disposable vapes in your check-in luggage, you may be held up or asked to disembark.

Can You Bring Disposable Vapes on an Airplane?

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

It is legal to take disposable vapes on a plane. The most important thing is to follow the CAA’s recommendations. Ensure that your vapes are in the cabin baggage, and check the liquids allowance if you are carrying more e-juice. It is also essential to consider the policies of the given airline, as there might be other regulations in place.

How Many Disposable Vapes Can You Take on a Plane?

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

The CAA has not set limits, but the number of disposable vapes one can take on a flight should be reasonable and only for personal consumption. It is permitted to possess between 5 and 10 disposable vapes with you. However, ensure you are always prepared to explain that they are yours should the airport security or any other airline employee question you.

Other Factors Regarding Disposable Vape Devices on the Move:

Travelling with Disposable Vapes
  1. Know the Destination Rules: It is essential to mention that the policies and rules regarding vaping can significantly vary from one country to another. Vaping is also banned in certain regions, and taking vapes with you may result in being fined or losing your things. It is, therefore, always wise to check the vaping laws of your destination before travelling.
  2. Keep Your Vapes Charged: You must also make basic checks before travelling, including fully charged disposable vapes. Charging them on the plane is impossible, although nowadays, many airports offer to charge devices if needed.
  3. Respect No-Vaping Zones: Vaping is banned in most public areas, including aeroplane cabins and terminals. This measure is for public safety, especially for lung disease patients. Failing to comply with the rule may result in legal action. 
  4. Be Aware of Liquid Restrictions: If you carry e-liquids with disposable vapes, they must meet the 100ml liquid regulations on cabin baggage. Place them in a transparent plastic bag to pass through the security check.
  5. Pack Spare Parts Smartly: When travelling with refillable vapes, it is advisable to bring spare coils or pods and determine if the airline permits carry-on items. Because vaping is your need, there might be a chance you won’t find vape accessories at your destination. 

Here are specific rules set up by different airlines. 


Policies (June 2024)

British Airways

Electronic cigarettes are allowed in carry-on baggage, but e-liquid should be packed in a clear plastic bag with a maximum of 100ml for each bottle. You can carry 15 batteries, including other appliances, whether in hand baggage or carry-on baggage, but the batteries must be housed in a device. Loose lithium-ion batteries can only be carried in hand baggage. 

Eastern Airways

Passengers can bring electronic cigarettes with them, but they must be kept out of their luggage. However, their website says that they do not enable refills, which means there is a high chance that you will not be permitted to bring e-liquids or refills.


E-cigarettes and a maximum of two spare batteries are allowed in cabin baggage but not in the hold. Refills and vape juices should also be in a clear plastic bag with other liquid items.


Spare/Loose batteries can only be carried in the carry-on baggage; the limit is 20. They must be switched off or, if your e-cigarette does not have this feature, covered to prevent accidental use. Flammable refills and liquids must not exceed your liquid allowance and must be enclosed in a sealed, clear plastic bag to be stored in your cabin baggage.


E-cigarette batteries are allowed in hand luggage only; passengers can take up to 2 batteries on board. Where the battery is integrated into the device’s body, this can be taken in check-in baggage provided it is switched off and not easily damaged. Flammable liquids in the hand baggage must not exceed 100ml each bottle and must be declared and placed in a transparent plastic bag with other liquids at the airport security point.


Your e-cigarette products should be placed in your carry-on baggage. Only 20 batteries can be taken on board at a time. Any liquid must be no more than 100ml and carried in a transparent plastic bag with all other liquids. 


Vape devices and e-cigarettes should be carried in the carry-on baggage only, and the total number of batteries should not exceed 20. Cartridges and e-liquids must also be carried in the hand baggage, and the bottle size must not exceed 100ml.


The number of batteries allowed is 20. These can be taken in hand luggage but not check-in luggage. It should also be noted that e-liquids and e-refills have been categorised under the liquid allowance for carry-on luggage. 

TUI Airways

It is important to note that E-Liquids or refills in hand luggage must be packed in a clear plastic bag as part of your liquid allowance. Bottles should be at most 100ml in capacity. You can carry more e-liquid or larger bottles if you have carry-on baggage. Batteries should be taken in hand luggage. Further information can be obtained from here.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Batteries can be taken in hand luggage. E-liquids can also be transported on board in hand luggage, but they should not exceed 100ml per bottle and should be stored in a transparent bag together with other liquids.

UK Airports also have smoking / vaping policies. Here’s an overview of where you can vape in UK Airports.


Policies (June 2024)

Aberdeen Airport

The use of e-cigarettes is allowed in the smoking section near the main departure hall near gate 5. Currently, a fee of £1 is payable on entry to the shelter, with the money going towards maintaining it.

Belfast Airport

The use of e-cigarettes is allowed in an area designated for smoking, which is located after the security check near the Lagan Bar. Admission to the facility costs £1.

Birmingham Airport

E-cigarette use is allowed in smoking zones, excluding the front of the terminal. You will only be allowed to vape when you are in your allocated section or cabin after having checked in.

Bournemouth Airport

E-cigarettes are allowed in the smoking zone after World Duty-Free, before the boarding gates.

Bristol Airport

Electronic cigarettes are allowed in the smoking zone located on the ground floor to the right of the Starbucks near Gate 4.

Cardiff Airport

Vaping is allowed in smoking zones located off the terminal and in the arrivals and departure zones in the departure hall.

City of Derry Airport

E-cigarettes are allowed in other places in the airport besides the terminals. But once you get to the counter to check in, you cannot vape before getting to your seat or destination.

East Midlands Airport

It is possible to use electronic cigarettes at the airside smoking terrace that is situated close to Castle Rock.

Edinburgh Airport

It is allowed only in some specific zones located beyond the terminal’s building in Edinburgh. This means that you are not permitted to vape once you get to the security area until you reach your final destination.

Exeter Airport

E-cigarette use is prohibited in any area within the airport premises.

Glasgow Airport

However, it is important to note that e-cigarettes are prohibited within Glasgow Airport and cannot be carried beyond the security checkpoint or on a flight.

Guernsey Airport

E-cigarettes are allowed only in smoking zones which are located away from the terminal. After a security check, you may not vape again until you get to your final destination.

Inverness Airport

Vapes are allowed within the smoking area, which is located close to the terminal entrance in the direction of the Courtyard Hotel.

Isle of Man Airport

Vaping is allowed in specific areas that are not within the vicinity of the terminals or the boarding gates. Once you go through security, you cannot vape till you get to your desired destination.

Jersey Airport

However, vaping is allowed only in areas outside the buildings but within the premises of the institutions. After boarding, you won’t be permitted to vape until you get to where you are heading.

Leeds Bradford Airport

Vaping is allowed only in the smoking section of departure terminals. Depending on the design, you can use it from the first or ground level.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Smoking is allowed in a smoking zone that can be accessed from the lower level through the Kissing Gate Bar & Restaurant.

London City Airport

The only area where vaping is allowed is the smoking area that is located outside the main building. Once you pass through the security check, they will not let you vape until you get to where you are going.

London Gatwick Airport

Vaping is allowed at the My Lounge airport lounge under the outdoor terrace. The smoking facilities are unavailable once one has gone through security, and vaping is also banned in the building.

London Heathrow Airport

Vaping is allowed in smoking zones only within Terminal 2 and Terminal 5. If you travel through Terminal 3 or 4, you cannot vape again once you check in.

London Luton Airport

Vaping is permitted within designated smoking shelters located outside the front of the terminal. Once you have checked in, you will not be allowed to vape until you reach your destination.

London Stanstead

Vaping is permitted in designated smoking areas outside of the terminal building. Once you have passed security, you will not be allowed to vape until you reach your destination.

Manchester Airport

Vaping is permitted in designated smoking areas located near the food court in Terminal 1 and opposite World Duty-Free in Terminal 2. Unfortunately, there are no designated areas within Terminal 3, and you will not be allowed to vape after clearing security.

Newcastle International Airport

Smoking is allowed in shelters some distance from the front of the terminal. After you have been checked in, vaping is impossible until you are at your required terminal or station.

Newquay Airport

Vaping is permitted in the designated smoking area next to the arrivals building.

Southampton Airport

E-cigarettes are allowed in smoking zones away from the terminal. However, you are prohibited from vaping once you enter the security check until you get to your preferred location.


So, the answer to the question, “Can u take disposable vapes on a plane?” does not include a lot of complexities. Carrying disposable vapes with you is simple if you adhere to the rules provided by the CAA and your airline company. Ensure that all your vapes are carried in your hand baggage and adhere to the liquid requirements and the vaping laws of the country of your destination. That way, you will avoid the inconveniences of travelling during such times. For more detailed information on specific airline policies, visit the CAA’s official website for more updated information. 

Happy Travels!

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